Discovery Partnerships

Funding Discovery through Partnerships

Thanks to committed donors and friends, the pace at which discovery happens is moving at rapid speed. Two long-term philanthropic partners of the Pasteur Foundation and its programs are featured below. To learn more about supporting future discovery and funding future generations of scientists, please contact us at

The Florence Gould Foundation

Florence L. Gould
Florence L. Gould

Established in 1993, The Florence Gould Foundation is devoted to French-American exchange and friendship. Since 2002, The Florence Gould Foundation has been a committed partner to the Pasteur Foundation, serving as a pioneer funder of the Pasteur Foundation’s Post-doctoral Fellowship Program.

A true patron of the arts, Florence Gould was known as a gracious host and friend to writers, painters and other artists. Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Gould established numerous prizes and awards to advance and recognize achievement in the Arts. Along the way, she earned a reputation as a fun-loving person and champion of US-French exchange.

In that spirit, the Board of The Florence Gould Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. John Young, has advanced exchange between the United States and France through its establishment and support of the Pasteur Foundation’s Florence Gould Scholars program. To date, there have been 12 Gould Scholars. Two additional Scholars, in the form of fully-funded three year Post-doctoral fellowships, will be awarded in the 2013-2014 grant cycle.

Thanks to The Florence Gould Foundation’s support and leadership of these Fellowships, the program has quickly become a highly sought after fellowship in the scientific community and has taken its place among the ranks of much older fellowships around the United States.

Gould Fellows have gone on to secure academic appointments in leading universities around the globe with a goal of applying their skills and knowledge – along with utilizing their international network – to advance discovery. In addition to scientific achievement, there have also been significant personal successes resulting from the Gould Fellowships. In the past few years, Gould Fellows have resulted in two Franco-American marriages, and two French births – helping ensure the next generation of US-French exchange.

The Pasteur Foundation remains deeply grateful for the support and leadership of The Florence Gould Foundation’s Board of Directors. Through their vision, they have advanced the careers of American scientists who have and continue to discover better treatments, therapies and cures that benefit society.

Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation

The Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation’s relationship with the Institut Pasteur began in 2003 upon the establishment of the Paul W. Zuccaire Undergraduate Internship Program. To date, over 60 undergraduates have joined research labs on the Institut Pasteur’s Paris campus for a fully paid ten-week internship designed to advance students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in basic research.

The Pasteur Foundation is proud of its longstanding relationship with the Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation for all it has done to advance the careers of US Scientists while strengthening US-French exchange.

Through its grants, the Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation inspires the next generation of scientists, helping advance better treatments, therapies and cures for society.