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40 Years After the Discovery of HIV

40 Years After the Discovery of HIV

© Institut Pasteur – photo Charles Dauguet – One of the very first photographs of the HIV-1 (HIV-1) AIDS virus taken on February 4, 1983. View of part of a section of a virus-infected T lymphocyte isolated from a patient with generalized lymphadenopathy syndrome which precedes AIDS. Colorized image, the virus appears in blue.

From identifying the virus to hopes for a cure, what are the new research challenges?

Isolation and identification of the retrovirus, sequencing, mechanisms of pathogenesis… For 40 years, research teams at the Institut Pasteur have tirelessly examined the characteristics of HIV and possible cures. A great deal of knowledge has been collected thanks to the international collaboration of teams of scientists from all specialties: immunologists, clinicians, molecular biologists, virologists, etc. Today, research at the Institut Pasteur focuses on the elimination of viral reservoirs persistent in sufferers to help provide lasting remission or even cure .

40 years after the publication of the first description of the virus responsible for AIDS by the teams of the Institut Pasteur in Science , on May 20, 1983 , the press kit retraces this epic and presents the teams of the Institut Pasteur currently involved in HIV research.

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